That's a wrap... until September

OCR GCSE (9รข€“1) Geography B: Geography for Enquiring MindsSo, Year 10 still have a few lessons to go, but for Year 11s it's all over... the summer can begin...

Over the summer, work will be taking place to update the books and resources that we use, and then we will move on in September with new Year 10 cohort, and Year 10 moving up into Year 11, and the 2nd and final year of the course.

If you have made use of the Hodder textbook for OCR 'A' or 'B' - particularly 'B' presumably, please let me know of any thing you particularly like (or not) about the books.

Year 11, enjoy the summer, and we shall see you on the 22nd of August to get your well deserved results.